Lost Ark: Leap’s Essence Explained (Easy)

February 24, 2022
Leap’s Essence can be confusing for many.

Leap’s Essence is a login reward. It is an item that not everyone knows the real reason for it. It is an epic item that gives you 3000 Life energy.

You can use it from your inventory, and once used you will see the remaining energy points which are near your health bar, only if you are in life skills mode, by pressing B. And that is it. Nobody understands the real reason behind it. I am here to explain.

Leap’s Essence Explained – Lost Ark

The main reason for using this item is to boost your life XP gains while gathering materials all over the continents of Lost Ark. This will help you gain more XP in a shorter amount of time than usual.

For example, if you harvest a rock or a plant, you normally get 75 XP per harvest. This way when the Leap’s Essence is used, you get double the amount, so you get 150 XP per harvest. All in all, this is a simple time saver and helps you gather XP and progress through the game much faster.

Note that once you use the Leap’s Essence, you spend double the durability of your tool.