Destiny 2: How To Kill The Guardian Hive

February 22, 2022
Everything dies! Even the Guardian Hive.

The guardian hive is a high HP monster that turns into an orb just like any other monster. Your job is to get close to the orb, grab it with your hand and crush it. But it doesn’t work that well with the Guardian. Once you get close to it and try to grab it, it refuses, giving you a message “That thing is not like me.

You see that, right?” This means that you cannot kill it normally. And most players have difficulties killing this monster because it respawns after a certain amount of time. No worries, I am here to help.

This guide will show you how to kill the Guardian hive in Destiny 2

How to kill the Guardian Hive – Destiny 2

The Guardian Hive is a special sort of mob. It’s not like the rest of the crew. Once you begin killing mobs, an orb-looking monster will come out of it. You basically just walk up to the orb, grab it with your hand and crush it.

With the Guardian Hive monster, things don’t go usually as planned. Once you kill it, the orb is immune to shots and you cannot grab it with your hand normally and destroy it. Destiny 2 has introduced to the players, Winter’s Wrath.

 Winter’s Wrath is a form that freezes you and makes you glide in the air while holding a staff and casting spells. This is like your ultimate ability. It has a cooldown and also charges itself once it’s all used up.

You deal enormous damage while in this form. Once you are in this form and you fight the mob. Simply just take it down to 0 health to the point where the orb is about to come out. Then with your Winter’s Wrath form, you will be able to grab the Guardian Hive and destroy it.