The Cycle Frontier: How Does Loot Respawn Work

March 29, 2022
This loot respawn timer is long. Let’s see how it works.

The loot respawn system in The Cycle Frontier is mostly hourly. Some specific areas have a specific item that a player may need to finish a quest or craft an item. But when the player gets to that area, he sometimes may notice that the place has already been looted by another player and needs to wait.

This guide will explain how the loot respawns timer works and how to refresh looting containers in The Cycle Frontier.

How Does Loot Respawn Work – The Cycle Frontier

The respawn timer for an item is hourly. So approximately every hour that passes in the game, the item will respawn.

Walking up to a container or standing near a mined/looted place, will not refresh the area and the loot will not respawn.

You will need to stand away for about 10 meters of the area that is already looted to get refreshed.

10 meters is about 4 car lengths with in-game dimension.