BattleBit Remastered: SCAR-H Weapon Review

August 10, 2023
Learn everything about the SCAR-H with this detailed review!

The SCAR-H is regarded as one of the best assault rifles if you want something that can eliminate most enemies easily. If you are looking for detailed insights on the performance of this rifle then you are in the right place.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about SCAR-H in Battlebit Remastered.

SCAR-H Weapon Review

The SCAR-H features the heftiest damage per shot in the entire assault rifle category.It also has the heaviest damage per shot of any automatic weapon in the game. The SCAR can deliver maximum damage of 42 at 151 meters dropping to a minimum of 14.7 damage at 299 meters.

It also has the slowest fire rate in the assault rifle category, an attribute shared by another gun, the AUG A3.with an output of 500 rounds per minute or 8.33 rounds per second fire rate. This allows the gun to maintain a three-shot kill against normal body armour without equipping a long or heavy barrel attachment.

Most enemies will be killed with three headshots or two if you dealing with normal helmets or no helmets at all. This makes it an excellent choice for killing enemies at short and medium distances. The average TTK (Time to Kill) of this gun is 240 milliseconds which is nothing extraordinary but beats the likes of the M4A1 and the AK-74.

This lets you play with the SCAR-H aggressively if you are willing to do but unfortunately, as soon as you equip heavier armour in the game, the gun gets punished heavily jumping upto a 360 TTK in the worst-case scenario due to the rate of fire being slow.

Each time you jump the threshold, the SCAR-H is going to take longer than other weapons to get extra rounds down range which exacerbates the time to kill far more than you think initially.This same logic applies if you miss your shots with the SCAR meaning that your accuracy is going to be key here.

It is worth noting that TTK stats are purely theoretical in nature as they assume that all bullets will either hit the chest or the head of the enemy sequentially with 100% and no bullet travel time coming into the equation.

As far as the recoil pattern is concerned, the SCAR sports the exact same recoil pattern as the AK-15, it’s a copy and paste of the 1.6 vertical recoil 2.10 horizontal recoil. This means that if you are accustomed to the AK-15 then using the SCAR will feel right at home to you. Due to its slower fire rate, it’s much easier to get used to in comparison

However, due to the design of its heftier horizontal recoil, the SCAR-H is going to be one of those weapons that can easily get away from you under long bursts. Make sure to let go of the trigger once in a while and get used to the bursting mechanics. Thankfully, due to the one-time first-shot multiplier, you won’t be punished for burst-firing the weapon to counteract the sloppy horizontal movement.

With an accuracy of 75, the SCAR isn’t the most accurate weapon in the AR category but neither is it losing by a long shot either. It has a base reload of 4 seconds which is the same speed as the M4A1 but it only features a 20-round magazine.

This means that you will be reloading the gun pretty often and the long reload time means that it will take you around 5.1 seconds to reload a completely empty magazine. A quick reload however cuts down the time to 3.1 seconds by default which is more snappier by comparison.

You can improve the reload speed by equipping attachments, unlike some other guns like Groza. The ADS time is 200 ms with a run speed of 0.95x and a draw speed of 1 second. It is even faster than the M4 and the HK-419 which makes it a good choice for responding to quick threats that you encounter.

That’s everything you need to know about the SCAR-H in Battlebit Remastered!


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