Find the Githyanki Creche Baldur’s Gate 3 Walkthrough

August 10, 2023
Check out this guide to find out the location for the Githayanki Creche in Baldur’s Gate 3!

In a story-rich RPG like Baldur’s Gate 3, there are various quests and challenges that you need to complete as you progress further into the campaign. There are unusual quests such as “Steal the Githyanki egg” given by Lady Esther where you need to search for Githyanki creche to find a cure for the parasite.

This guide will tell you the location of the Githyanki Creche in the game.

Find the Githyanki Creche

In order to find the Githayank Creche, you will need to head over to the above location on the map close to the Mountain Pass. Once you reach there, make your way down the mountain and you will be stopped by a group of raiders standing in a group next to a dragon.

A short cutscene sequence will begin and you will be presented with a few choices after the dialogue. Choose the first option: “Mouth a silent command to La’zel: the truth”.This will result in the dragon flying away and a fight erupting between the two groups.

Once you clear the area, another cutscene will follow and La’zel will ask the rest of the group to look for the weapon. Choose the second option: “Focus, A cure is our top priority” and she will ask you to search the bodies nearby.

Go back to the battlefield and interact with the bodies lying on the ground one by one. You will find the Elaborate Slate in the body lying in a pool of blood in front of a rock. Select the slate and right-click on it to press the Use option.

A new cutscene will begin where La’zel will grab the slate from your hands and the slate will start glowing as she inspects the Isu Markings on them. This will reveal a further area containing a Githyanki refuge and potentially the Githaynki creche.

Currently, this area is not accessible in the early access version of the game however it will be soon available once the game is fully released on all platforms.

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