Planet Crafter: How To Use The DNA Manipulator

March 27, 2022
Time to learn how to use the DNA Manipulator.

With the early access to The Planet Crafter, a ton of interesting items and utilities have been introduced to the community. One of them is the DNA Manipulator, a late-game item that will help the player with growing trees.

This guide will help you learn how to use the DNA Manipulator in Planet Crafter.

How to Use the DNA Manipulator – Planet Crafter

Once you reach a certain level of the game, you will unlock the DNA Manipulator. You will find this item that can be crafted on the blueprints screen.

Once you unlock the Seeds Spreader Rocker, your next item to unlock will be the DNA Manipulator.

It is unlocked when you reach a specific terraformation level.

The items required to craft the DNA Manipulator are:

  • Super Ally
  • Bioplastic Nugget
  • Explosive Powder
  • Pulsar Quartz

The Pulsar Quartz is a new item that can be obtained through the Bio-Lab, to obtain it you will need Zeolite, Osmium, Uranium, and Iridium.

When you craft it and place it in your base, you will notice two screens on the machine. The bottom one is for placing ingredients and the top screen is for learning the crafting recipes.

Aiming towards each screen will tell you what the screen is used for:

  • Show DNA Recipes (Top Screen)
  • Open DNA Manipulator (Bottom Screen)

Opening up the top screen you will find a total of 7 recipes. Each of these recipes will require some Tree Bark and Mutagen. As for the third ingredient, depends on what type you want to obtain.

To craft a mutagen, you will need to go to your Bio lab and use Bacteria Sample, Methane Cartridge, and, Sulfur.

To obtain Methane you will need to craft and use a gas extractor. That item will generate a methane cartridge over time.

To obtain Tree Bark, you will need to create a Bio-Dome and from there you can begin crafting the item.

Once you have obtained the two main ingredients, go to your DNA Manipulator and place 1 Tree Bark and 1 Mutagen.

From here depending on what recipe you want to research, that is the item you need.

For example: Placing the two main ingredients and a Seed Lirma, will grant you a Tree Seed Soleus.

Once you add all 3 items in the DNA Manipulator, press “Research”, after that you will get a confirmation that you want to spend all 3 selected items and use them to research 1 specific item.

Pressing on the “Start Sequencing” button will begin the research process that will need to fill to 100%.

When the sequencing is to 100%, you are able to pull out the item and take it to a Tree Spreader to get trees.

NOTE that the DNA Manipulator costs a lot of energy to use (-117.50 kW/s).