Genshin Impact: Electro Regisvine Location

August 24, 2022
Want to fight a big boy?

Electro Regisvine is a new boss type enemy added to Genshin Impact with the addition of the new 3.0 update to the game.

The boss serves as a great way to grind out XP and resources. Because of this many players have been on the hunt to find this beast and we’re here to help you find it and slay it so you can level up or two.

Stick around to find out where to find this big unit!

Electro Regisvine Location in Genshin Impact

Reaching Electro Regisvine is actually pretty simple, yet so many people have a hard time finding it, but don’t worry we go your back. In order to get to this boss you first need to teleport to The Statue of The Seven located in Lokapala Jungle.

After this you will need to head north following the ground path that leads to a cave.

Once reaching this part of the path you will need to head right towards the cave, you will see the cave in your path it is very hard to miss.

Once you enter the cave you will see a big entity sitting in the middle of the cave that big entity is the Electro Regisvine, once approaching it you will start the fight.

Once defeating Electro Regisvine you will find a Waypoint situated behind the Entity itself. You will have to climb up the wall to get to this waypoint.

That is how you get to Electro Regisvine. Electro Registrive is one of the harder bosses to fight so we recommend stocking up on armor and resources before you fight this beast of a boss. Its attacks have long range and massive area coverage.

So you will have to be quick on your feet if you want to beat this boss.