Lost Ark: Panda Island Token Guide & All Mokoko Seed Locations

February 19, 2022
Panda Island Tokens and Mokoko Seeds are waiting for you!

The Panda Island is a friendly adventurous island filled with many hidden paths that will make you wonder what else is there to find. The Tokens are also interesting is because once you are finished with them you will build up a stronger reputation which leads to earning better rewards. The Mokoko seeds on the other hand are even more interesting to fin.

This guide will show you the Panda Island Token Guide and all of the Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark

Panda Island Token Guide & All Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

  1. Token Guide

The token guide is pretty straight forward. Once you get on to the island you must talk to the yellow creature named Chungshu on the entrance which will give you a yellow quest.

He will tell you to go to 3 hidden spots around the map in order to complete the quest.

First spot. North East corner of the map. Go through trees from the eastern entrance and you will find it.

The Second spot is located South on the map, and you are needed to jump on a dock in order to reach your hidden desired destination.

The third spot is on the Western side of the map, here you just need to walk through some trees and go to the edge of the map where you will find the last spot.

Once all that is done, head North where you will find a panda named Puppa, talk to the panda and he will give you a purple quest. It’s a pretty easy quest to do without giving you any problems.

Upon finishing the purple quest, Puppa will be unlocked for your Rapport, and once you get enough levels with it, you will be able to gain the Panda Island Token.

2. Mokoko Seed Locations

There are 5 mokoko seeds stranded all over the Panda Island. Here are the following locations.

For the first Mokoko seed you are needed to go to the first hidden location of your yellow quest, you will see the seed on the ground.

The second seed is located on the Western corner of the map, just like the second hidden area from the yellow quest, and you will see it on the ground as well.

The third Mokoko seed is found inside a secret cave where you need to go into, the cave is covered up with trees and it’s hard to see, it’s located a bit to the west from the middle of the map itself.

The fourth and fifth Mokoko seeds are located inside a secret area where you need to have the Song of Resonance in order to move the statue and ender the hidden room. Inside there you will find both Mokoko seeds on the ground.

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