GTA ONLINE: Beginner Guide To EVERY Business In GTA Online

August 4, 2022
Planning to open a business in GTA Online? Then check EVERY Business you can do in GTA 5 Online.

There are plenty of businesses that every beginner in GTA Online can start and earn cash. Every business requires some type of investment such as money, but also time to spend and make your business work. Start your business now and start earning millions in a matter of days.

This guide will show you EVERY Business for Beginners in GTA Online!

GTA ONLINE: Beginner Guide To EVERY Business In GTA Online

Players always need money in GTA Online to buy either a new car, plane, house, or even a business where they can continue to grind some serious money.

In GTA Online, all the businesses can be split into three categories.

  • Passive Businesses – Background Tasks that earn you money while you are doing something else.
  • Active Businesses – You can make money while you are actively working on them.
  • Heist Properties – Properties that allow you to start up heists.

Passive Businesses

It’s nothing better to make money while you can do other stuff. In GTA Online you can do the MC businesses and there are 5 different types.

All of them are less than legal, counterfeit cash, document forgery, Green Stuff, Blue Stuff, and White Stuff.

In order to buy any of these businesses, you actually need another property which is an MC Clubhouse.

To buy one go on your phone and go to internet, click on money and services, scroll down to maze bank foreclosures, and once you are there, click on clubhouses and you will see all the clubhouses available on the map.

Take note that you won’t use this Clubhouse that much, but you buy it because you need it. That’s why by the cheapest one.

Once you get your Clubhouse, get inside and go to the office and on the laptop you can buy any of the five different types of MC businesses.

As a friendly tip, same as the Clubhouse, just buy the cheapest MC Business, because not all of them are worth buying.

Once you are inside of one of your businesses, you’ve got supplies and a product bar. Your staff in these businesses are going to use those supplies to make products that you will sell.

As long as you are logged in to GTA Online, that supplies bar will go down and the product bar will go up. The only two things you need to do are keep the supply bar full and sell your products.

You can also increase the amount of money that your business can earn by buying all the upgrades for your business through the laptop.

These upgrades can increase your income by double.

About the supplies, it is more worth buying them instead of stealing them because it consumes a long time. This can be done also on the laptop.


The bunker works pretty much the same way as the MC Businesses but gives you more money. Instead of buying 5 different MC Businesses, you can buy one Bunker.

To buy a Bunker, you have to use your phone and go to the Internet, then go to money and services, and there you can select Bunkers to see all available Bunkers on the map.

We recommend not to buy the three bunkers on top of the map because they are far and when the time comes to supply around the map it would be so far and time-consuming.

The option to buy is the Farmhouse Bunker which is a bit pricey but is nearest to the city. Also, Chumash Bunker is the second best option because it is a bit cheaper than the Farmhouse bunker and it is also near the city.

Once you get inside your Bunker, the supply bar goes down and the product bar is going up.

If you want to earn even more money, you should buy the available upgrades on your laptop. They might be a bit expensive but they will earn you much more money in return.

In the bunker, you can even manage your staff by choosing what to do exactly.

They can even do research and when the research bar fills up, you can unlock the ability to buy a new upgrade for a specific vehicle, a new attachment, or different ammo.

Active Businesses

These are the businesses that will keep you active with them if you want to make a big money in GTA Online.

1. Warehouses

There are Cargo Warehouses and Vehicle Warehouses. To buy one of these businesses, you must buy first the CEO’s office through your phone.

Once you have it bought, you can go inside the office and on the computer can choose some of the available Warehouses.

To make it work you pay money to find the location of crates, then go and steal those crates, and bring them back to the warehouse.

Last is to sell them for more money.

You can even directly buy crates, depending on what you prefer.

The best strategy for the warehouses:

  • Buy 5 large warehouses
  • Fill them all the way up
  • Wait for double money event
  • Make profit

2. Hangar

This business operates in a pretty similar way to the Cargo Warehouse. The main difference is that here you are doing it all with air vehicles and it doesn’t make you as much money either.

There are a few locations where you can buy. Two of them are at the LSIA at the bottom of the map, and three at Fort Zancudo.

It’s better to buy a hangar from Fort Zancudo area because it is nearer to the missions and you will be able to enter inside the area without getting a wanted level.

To make money with your hangar is pretty simple. You just need to follow a few steps:

  • Go to your Hangar, and head up to your laptop
  • Source some cargo and go out and steal it
  • Bring it back to your cargo
  • Sell it in a sell mission later on

When comes to selling, if you have 0-10 crates, you can operate with only one vehicle, 11-25 crates will get you 2 vehicles, and 26-50 crates, you can operate with 3 vehicles.

3. Auto Shop

If you are a fan of cars and vehicle customization, this is probably the best business for you. Owning an auto shop will give you a 10 car garage, and also you can customize all your vehicles.

To buy one just go to your phone, go to Foreclosure and select auto shops.

Buy owning an auto shop you can choose how many members you want and also there is an option to add second car lift.

On the lifters you can work on your customers vehicles and customize them, then you need to deliver the car back and earn extra money.

Knowing that you have to do this alone, it won’t earn you a lot of money.

To change it, you can buy all the upgrades where you still have to do the modifications by yourself but no need to deliver, and also will get more money in return for each delivery made by your staff member.

Auto shops are the best where you can start a mini heist hybrid with Missions. It will earn you a medium range of money in the game.

You need to do 2 setup missions for that and then get to the Finale. This can be done completely solo or up to four people.

Heist Properties

The primary way you’re going to make money through these businesses or properties is just playing the heist that they allow you to start off.

  • High-End Apartments

You should start with the cheapest and the oldest of the bunch the high-end apartments. They start at a pretty good amount of money.

The best apartment to get is the 3 Alta ST. Apartment.

This one has a reasonable price and it is on a really good location.

Once you got your apartment, some missions will appear on your map, and you have to go and do some jobs such as Fleeca job, Prison break, Human Labs Raid, Series a funding, and the Pacific Standard.

These are pretty fun missions to play and after completing, you can get around 2.5 million dollars which is pretty good for a beginner.

  • Facility

This will let you start the Doomsday series Heist. Unlike the apartment series, these pay more money.

This heist can be really difficult unless you have a set crew that you’re going to run it.

If you want to buy one of the facilities, we recommend getting one closer to the city, because in all of the setup missions, pretty much you’re going to be driving to Los Santos, and then from Los Santos all the way back.

Once you buy your facility, there are few upgrades you can get but not all of them are worthy, unless you want to pay a lot of money for an Orbital Cannon.

Inside your facility, you have a lot of spots for your vehicles including the avenger.

Overall, the facility is not worth making money, but if you want to do all the heists and have some fun with friends it is a great option.

  • Agency

Agencies start at about 2 million dollars and go up to 2.8 million. They are quite expensive but you need to own the cheapest one.

There are four ways you can make money with the agency:

  • Security contracts
  • Dr. Dre VIP Contract
  • Franklin’s PayPhone Hits
  • The Wall-Safe in your Office

All these types of missions are pretty simple and take you only few minutes to be done.

In return, you can earn something less than 100k dollars depending on the difficulty of the mission.

Playing Dr. Dre VIP Contract will only take you from 90 to 120 minutes playing but in return you will get around 1 million dollars.


Arcade is the property that lets you start up the diamond casino heist.

The casino heist is a bit underrated because it’s not solo. This heist has to be completed with between two to four players.

If you are playing with two players, it might be the best way to make money in the game. What can make the diamond casino heist really good as well as you can do all of the setup solos, and only the finale to be done with a friend.

Playing like this, you can get almost 1.6 million dollars which is 80% of the total amount that you split with one friend.

The best part of the arcade is the master control terminal. You can buy it through your laptop in the basement or in your office.

This will allow you to manage all of your businesses from the one spot.


There are a bunch of nightclubs across the city, and it’s best to buy one as north as possible because it is easier in order to do your cell missions which are normally on the top of the map.

Nightclubs are maybe the best business venture to get into in GTA Online because they offer a legitimate source of income.

As you build up your Nightclub, it will start bringing in a large sum of passive cash even more than the Arcades will earn you.

With this, you can hire the employees needed to keep thing running well.

If you own and operate one or more Nightclubs, it will benefit you with access to run other businesses, because it gives you a legal business bringing in cash that can be invested into illegal businesses.