Baldur’s Gate 3: Lae’zel Tries To Cure Parasite With Githyanki Zaith’isk Walkthrough

August 6, 2023
Let's see how you can cure Lae'zel by trying to use the Zaith'isk and remove the parasite for Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an immersive role-playing video game set in the renowned Forgotten Realms universe of Dungeons & Dragons. Developed by Larian Studios, it serves as the highly anticipated sequel to the acclaimed Baldur’s Gate series. Players embark on a perilous journey, forming alliances, facing formidable foes, and making impactful decisions that shape the world’s destiny.

In this guide, we will go though the scenario where Lae’zel tries to cure parasite with Githyanki Zaith’isk.

Lae’zel Tries To Cure Parasite With Githyanki Zaith’isk Walkthrough

Your quest will begin once you’ve reached the castle and began speaking with Ghustil Stornugoss. She will be working on learning more about the parasite.

After the short conversation, you will be given a few options that you can choose to see how this scenario will work out.

Choose the “I’d prefer Lae’zel to speak on my behalf.” option so that you can get along with the scenario where Lae’zel tries to cure the parasite.

From this point on. Ghustil Stornugoss will state that you are special and in order to get cured, you will need to go to the Zaith’isk.

The Zaith’isk is right next to Ghustil Stornugoss and you will need to get there and simply interact with it and Lae’zel will go towards it and sit there.

You will then begin the cutscene where Lae’zel’s mind will begin to rip and rupture. You won’t know what the issue is so you go and Plead with the doctor. Lae’zel is in great pain.

After speaking with the doctor, you must encourage Lae’zel and help her through this moment. To do so, you need to choose the Endure, Lae’zel. The cure is worth the torment option.

Make sure that you keep Lae’zel focused and tell her that the cure is close. (You do this by selecting the “Keep focused, Lae’zel. The cure is close.” option)

Through all that pain, the Dream Visitor will want you to remove her. However, choose the “Embrace the pain, Lae’zel. Be Pure.” option.

The zaith’isk will explode at the very end in an attempt to hurt Lae’zel.

Speak with the doctor and choose the “Your zaith’isk tried to kill Lae’zel. And failed.” option to continue the argument on how the parasite still lives in Lae’zel and she has not been cured after all that pain.

Once that is all completed, the doctor will tell you to wait here and she will get all of her tools to continue her research on how the parasite will be removed.

And just like that, you will have completed the quest called “Find the Githyanki Creche” in an attempt to cure Lae’zel.