Gotham Knights: Interrogate The Mob To Find More Information

October 21, 2022
Get the answers you want out of the mob’s mouth themselves!

Although Batman’s protégés are excellent detectives of their own, sometimes they just need to get the answers out of the criminal’s mouth themselves. In Gotham Knights, apart from beating up criminals, you may also take time to interrogate them to get specific answers that will help you solve bigger things. Thankfully, doing that in-game isn’t much of a challenge at all – in fact, sometimes it can be just fun!

In this particular guide, we will show you how to interrogate the mob to find more information in Gotham Knights.

Interrogate The Mob To Find More Information – Gotham Knights

To find the mob in Gotham City, simply proceed to the Miller Harbor using any character you want. Take note that every playable character can interrogate criminals.

Some are just more effective at doing so, specifically Red Hood.

To interrogate any of the criminals you see in Gotham City, there are a few conditions that should first be met. They either have to be caught by surprise via a stealth approach or by simply beating them down to low health.

Meeting these conditions will allow your chosen character to grab them and start the interrogation process.

Keep in mind that only informant enemies can be interrogated. They appear with the “?” icon after scanning them.

Considering that most of the time only one informant is within a group of criminals, it is recommended that you take down the others first, leaving the informant at your mercy.

Take whatever approach you want in dealing with the other enemies. What’s important here is your confrontation with the informant.

Once you are alone with the informant, catch him by surprise or lower his or her health. Grab him or her using the right trigger. Bonus Tip: Red Hood has a useful skill that allows him to grab enemies as soon as their HP hit below the 50% mark.

Once you have a hold of the informant, press Triangle/Y to start the interrogation process.

After a bit of dialog, your clues should expand which will then contribute towards uncovering more Premeditated Crimes for your next patrol or even give more insight into the game’s main quests.

That is everything you need to know about how to interrogate the mob to find more information. Feel free to experiment with various approaches just be sure to be more careful around informants.