Escape From Tarkov: Max Skills Guide (Strength & Endurance)

March 18, 2022
Max level and endurance is amazing for shooting in Escape from Tarkov.

Leveling skills and endurance in Escape from Tarkov can look difficult at first glance. Without knowing the best methods, it can be hard. Following a correct pattern of tips and tricks, going the correct way of using leveling multipliers will overall boost your skill level to elite!

This guide will show you how to level up your skills and endurance fast in Escape from Tarkov.

Max Skills Guide (Strength & Endurance) – Escape From Tarkov

Every skill in Escape from Tarkov starts at level 0 and its max level is 51. The important thing to know about level 51 is that you unlock the ELITE Perk of the skill. Meaning that you will get great buffs while playing.

Upgrading these skills requires Skill Points that are gained through doing a variety of missions and killing enemies.

Leveling Multiplier

The game has implemented a leveling multiplier. They are referred to as:

  • Bonus Multiplier
  • Normal Multiplier
  • Exhausted Multiplier

The Bonus rate is where you gain a skill level at a 129% rate. You will be noted when you are in this state with a blue arrow facing up that is next to the skill icon.

The Normal Multiplier is a state where everything is normal and you gain a leveling speed of 100%. You will be notified when this state occurs once there is no arrow next to the skill.

The Exhausted Multiplier state is where you need to be worried. This state gives you only 50% leveling speed. You will be notified of this state when a red down-facing arrow shows on the EXP bar next to the skill.

Once reached exhausted state. You will need to wait 3 minutes for the leveling speed to reach 75%, an additional 16 minutes for Normal State which is 100% leveling speed.

Main Important Trick (Strength & Endurance skills)

Once you have the Bonus Multiplier. Enter a raid and start running with a FULL stamina bar. Do not stop running until the stamina bar is dropped.

The reason behind this is that you gain points as you sprint/spend stamina. So if you run for your whole stamina, you will get points, and those points will multiply by 129%. Jumping or stopping will stop this process.

Here is a quick example of how many points you can get with 1 full stamina burn on Bonus Multiplier.

A total of 4.3 points have been gained just from 1 full stamina run.

The most powerful item to use while on this Bonus Multiplier is to use a stimulant injector. The two powerful stims for this trick are:

  • SJ6 TGLabs combat Stimulant Injector (Increase Endurance and Stamina Regen)
  • 3-(b-TG) Stimulant Injector (Gives Strength skill so you run faster)

With these two stimulant injectors, you will be able to run both further and faster. Meaning you can gain more Skill EXP at the same multiplier.

With this strategy, you will gain a total of 5.6 Points gained on your skill.

Combining both skills with the stimulant injectors will help you boost the EXP again. With the SJ6 TGLabs stimulant injector, you want to run with no weight, so you get further.

Once you have finished off your stamina stem, equip yourself with weight and use the 3-(b-TG) stimulant injector to gain extra strength and run faster for the same multiplier.

This is easily done with two people where one is firstly running with a strength boost and extra weight, while the other is running with stamina boost with no weight, once the effects wear off, switch stimulant injectors and weights.

Air Filter

Not everyone likes the Air Filter because it consumes fuel. The Air Filter is good because it is a good source of EXP boost.

This gives an extra 48.4% to the remaining 129% Bonus Multiplier.