No Man’s Sky 2022: How To Find All Solar Ships

April 20, 2022
Time to find some Solar Ships in No Man’s Sky!

There are various ships that players can use to travel and explore different planets in the world of  No Man’s Sky. The latest update of the game has added a new class of spaceships called Solar Ships and many players are excited to try them out. In this guide, we will tell you how to find these ships in the game easily.

No Man’s Sky 2022: How To Find All Solar Ships

These new classes of ships called Solar Ships are specially designed to travel long distances thanks to the S Rank Vespair Sail equipped into those ships.

It allows them to easily travel across the universe while reducing fuel consumption and improving their maneuverability making them an ideal choice for travelling to different systems in the game

When it comes to combat, these ships have good targeting systems and players have the freedom to equip them with better upgrades to further improve their combat abilities.

In order to find the Solar Ships, you will need an Economy Scanner and Conflict Scanner in your inventory.

Once you have them equipped, open the galaxy map and find a system that is controlled by Pirates like the Muxuk-liga III for example.

After you reach there, travel to a trading outpost and land your ship there. Chances are you will already find a Solar Ship landed there and if not then you will need to wait for one to land there.

You can then talk to the captain of that ship and negotiate with them to purchase their Solar Ship.

That’s it, now go ahead and find a Pirate system nearby to grab those Solar Ships in the game!