Diablo 4 Has Been Played For 10,000 In-Game Years

June 9, 2023
Diablo 4 manages to make 10,000 years worth of playtime in just a very short period of time. Check it out

Diablo 4 has just been opened for Early Access and players cannot stop purchasing the game and playing it. Thousands of copies have been sold and they keep on selling. The bar for Blizzard is making its way surely up towards the moon.

In this article, we will discuss more on how Diablo 4 has been played for more then 95 million in-game hours.

People Played Diablo 4 For More Then 95 million hours TOTAL!!

It is official ladies and gentlemen. Diablo 4 is by far the best and fastest selling game that Blizzard has made out of their Diablo saga.

You can surely say that the number continuously rises and it will keep rising for the next couple of weeks because this is by far the best RPG that Blizzard has created when it comes to the Diablo saga.

The exact number of the games purchased for Diablo 4 is unknown, but we do know that the game has been played for more then 95 million hours in five days whenever it was in early access.

Convert that into years, and you have more then 10,000 years. Just the number achieved in such a short period of time is simply mind blowing.

Since Diablo 4 was announced, more then millions of supporters have been waiting to get their hands on the game and start playing it. I would too, the game is simply amazing.

Only time will tell if Diablo 4 manages to break even more world records of playtime. I surely believe that many more announcements will come to the community where Diablo 4 manages to break yet another world record.